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Why are my logs in GMT (UTC)?
Author: ISC Support Reference Number: AA-00306 Views: 2732 Created: 2011-05-16 14:18 Last Updated: 2017-03-15 16:28 0 Rating/ Voters

System-wide configurations for local time zone settings are commonly set via configuration files which vary between operating systems.  (If your OS is not listed below, consult your man pages to find out how to set the system-wide time zone default for your system.) 

Special considerations when running chrooted

A frequent problem occurring for operators who are running their servers chrooted is that they have omitted the time zone configuration files from the chroot environment, resulting in logs which are recorded in whatever time zone the system hardware clock may be set to, generally UTC.

FreeBSD, Linux: /etc/localtime

Solaris: /etc/TIMEZONE and /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo

OSF: /etc/zoneinfo/localtime

AIX: /etc/environment ($TZ)

See also tzselect(1), tzset(3) and zic(8).

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