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The knowledge base is a searchable resource containing technical content relating to ISC's software products.

In the public areas you will see the FAQs that previously we provided on our main website and an increasing number of other technical articles that we hope you will find useful.

We welcome your  feedback and suggestions for other topics to be covered and to improve the quality of existing topics; please use the comment facility for this.

If you think you might be interested in our Professional Support services, please visit our main website to learn more:

Visitors to our Knowledge Base no longer need to register

Those returning to our KB may wonder why the registration link has vanished. 

We decided to make our Knowledge Base content fully open and there should no longer be any content that requires you to register and log-in to view it.  If you already have a registration/log-in, please note that we in the process of deleting all visitor login credentials.

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For assistance with problems and questions for which you have not been able to find an answer in our Knowledge Base, we recommend searching our community mailing list archives and/or posting your question there (you will need to register there first for your posts to be accepted). The bind-users and the dhcp-users lists particularly have a long-standing and active membership.

ISC relies on the financial support of the community to fund the development of its open source software products. If you would like to support future product evolution and maintenance as well having peace of mind knowing that our team of experts are poised to provide you with individual technical assistance whenever you call upon them, then please consider our Professional Subscription Support services - details can be found on our main website.

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