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Webinar: New Opportunities for Criminal Growth - Forecasting Cyber-Crime during the IPv6 Transition
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The global cyber criminal eco-systems have and will continue to use the IPv6 as a key tool for their economic gain. IPv4 to IPv6 migration will expose organizations and individuals to a multitude of risks, much of it happen quietly under the radar. The lack of IPv6 telemetry means that most “security companies” and “service providers” will not be able to monitor this growth in criminal activity.

Barry Greene, ISC’s President, covered the drivers behind these criminal eco-systems, why these drivers will logically lead to creative IPv6 innovations, and the gaps in IPv6 adoption that increase industry risk forcing “reactionary re-thinking” of how an organization will move to IPv6. ISC’s President and CEO, Barry Greene is leading a transformation in the Operational Security Community, providing new capabilities and capacities that empower organizations to push back against the cyber-security miscreants who threaten the resiliency, stability, and security of the Global Internet. Through the Security Information Exchange (SIE) and other projects, Barry is facilitating new models for how organizations should collaborate - fostering aggressive private-private collaboration with public participation. The webinar recording is open to all, and you can submit your questions during the session for him to answer them live via microphone, twitter, or email.


This was presented on 7th Sep, 2011


Webex Recording

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