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Webinar: Cyber Crime Remediation
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In November 2011 there was a takedown of a cyber criminal gang who created the 'DNS Changer' (aka Ghost Click) malware. The work behind the scenes required many years of fact gathering and widespread international cooperation.

The current activity revolves around international notification efforts — making end users aware of the potential problem and helping them correct the issues created by the malware. This is not easy. How do ISPs determine which users have been affected? How do they then handle their own internal remediation efforts? What issues need to be considered?

ISC’s Security Information Exchange (SIE) is one of the conduits for exchanging remediation information. This webinar will discuss technical and policy issues surrounding remediation for DNS Changer, and will offer resources on how you can help within your organization.


Who should attend this Webinar?

Network Administrators: Find out how you can determine whether devices in your network are affected by DNS Changer and how to effectively remediate for your environment.

Network Operators: Learn how you can get information about whether devices in your organization have been affected by DNS Changer.

Security Engineers: Discover how sensitive security related information can be exchanged in a trusted environment.

Hosting Providers: By default, most of your hosting customers are using your DNS resolvers. Learn how to determine whether any of your customers have been affected by DNS Changer.

Service Providers: Learn how to determine whether your customers are affected by DNS Changer and what you can do to help with notification and remediation efforts.

Mobile Telecoms Operators: Learn how to determine whether smartphone devices in your environments have been affected by DNS Changer.

SCADA and Critical Industrial System Operators: Learn how to determine whether devices in your network are affected by DNS Changer and how to effectively remediate for your environment.



Merike Kaeo

Director of Resiliency and Security Forum

Internet Systems Consortium


This was presented on 22nd May, 2012


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