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BIND 9.8.7-W1 Release Notes
Author: Michael McNally Reference Number: AA-01135 Views: 17145 Created: 2014-02-12 22:49 Last Updated: 2014-02-12 22:49 0 Rating/ Voters

BIND 9.8.7-W1 is the latest production release of BIND 9.8.  The -W1 suffix in the version name indicates that this a special out-of-cycle release to correct a defect that is specific to the Windows platform only.  Please see the release note for #35288 for specific details.

This document summarizes changes from BIND 9.8.6 to BIND 9.8.7-W1. Please see the CHANGES file in the source code release for a complete list of all changes.


The latest versions of BIND 9 software can always be found on our web site at There you will find additional information about each release, source code, and pre-compiled versions for Microsoft Windows operating systems.


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Security Fixes
  • Treat an all zero netmask as invalid when generating the localnets acl to work around a bug on the Windows platform.[CVE-2013-6230]  [RT #34687]
  • Fix crashes when serving some NSEC3 signed zones. memcpy was incorrectly called with overlapping ranges, resulting in malformed names being generated on some platforms. This could cause INSIST failures. (CVE 2014-0591) [RT #35120]
Feature Changes
  • Add the ability to specify ndots to "nslookup". [RT #34711]
  • Check that EDNS subnet client options are well formed. [RT #34718]
  • "named" now preserves the capitalization of names when responding to queries. [RT #34737]
  • Use separate rate limiting queues for refresh and notify requests. [RT #30589]
  • Adjust when a master server is deemed unreachable to be less aggressive. [RT #27075]
  • Create delegations for all "children" of empty zones except "forward first". [RT #34826]
  • Include a comment in .nzf files (used for adding new zones via "rndc"), giving the name of the associated view. [RT #34765]
  • Changed the name of "" developers script (for outputting compiler and linker flags) to "bind9-config". [RT #23825]
  • Add "dig" option to keep the TCP socket open between successive queries (+[no]keepopen).  [RT #34918]
  • "named-checkconf -z" now checks zones of type hint as well as master. [RT #35046]
  • Update config.guess and config.sub to add support for ppc64le (powerpc 64-bit Little Endian). [RT #35060]
  • Update the Windows build system to support feature selection and WIN64 builds. This is a work in progress. [RT #34160]
  • Add a more detailed "not found" message to "rndc" commands which specify a zone name. [RT #35059]
  • named will now warn when a zone's configured "key-directory" does not exist or is not a directory. [RT #35108]
  • "named-checkconf" can now obscure shared secrets when printing by specifying '-x'. [RT #34465]
  • "named" can now accept integer timestamps in RRSIG records. [RT #35185]
  • The export-library API call for loading "resolv.conf", irs_resconf_load(), has been modified to return ISC_R_FILENOTFOUND when the file does not exist and initializes the resconf structure as if the file had existed and configured with nameservers at the localhost addresses ( and ::1). [RT #35194]
Bug Fixes
  • Fix a bug that prevented the dig, nslookup, and host utilities from exiting properly after completing a UDP query.  [RT #35288]
  • Treat type 65533 (KEYDATA) as opaque except when used in a key zone. [RT #34238] 
  • Fix "host" and "nslookup" so don't need dot after the domain by checking ndots when searching. Only continue searching on NXDOMAIN responses. [RT #34711]
  • Handle changes to sig-validity-interval settings better. [RT #34625]
  • Fix bug where journal filename string could be set incorrectly, causing garbage in log messages. [RT #34738]
  • Check that EDNS subnet client options are well formed. [RT #34718]
  • Address race condition with manual notify requests. [RT #34806]
  • Fix Linux compilation issue when libcap-devel is installed. [RT #34838]
  • Fix "host" failure if a UDP query timed out. [RT #34870]
  • Address bugs in dns_rdata_fromstruct and dns_rdata_tostruct for WKS and ISDN types. [RT #34910]
  • Updated OpenSSL PKCS#11 patches to fix active list locking and other bugs. [RT #34855]
  • Fix cast in lex.c which could see 0xff treated as EOF. This fixes issue with potential bad data in a database used by DLZ or SDB.  [RT #34993]
  • Fix build issue on newer FreeBSD needing -lhx509 for GSSAPI build. [RT #35001]
  • Address read after free in server side of lwres_getrrsetbyname. [RT #29075]
  • Fix "nsupdate" memory leak if "realm" was used multiple times. [RT #35073]
  • Fix "dig" for cleaning up TCP sockets still waiting on connect(). [RT #35074]
  • Address bug in libdns loadnode function that could return a freed node on out of memory. [RT #35106]
  • Fixed a bug causing an insecure delegation from one "static-stub" zone to another to fail with a broken trust chain. [RT #35081]
  • Fix crashes in RBTDB implementation. Two calls to dns_db_getoriginnode were fatal if there was no data at the node. [RT #35080]
  • Fix a possible race and crash in the socket_search() function in dispatch.c. [RT #35107]
  • Fix "dig" so it can handle AXFR style IXFR responses which span multiple messages. [RT #35137]
  • Fix a "host" tool problem with converting UTF-8 textname to IDN encoding by handling "." as a search list element when IDN support is enabled. [RT #35133]
  • Fix "queryperf" to prevent a possible integer overflow when printing results. [RT #35182]
  • Fix a bug which could cause a crash when running "rndc reconfig" or "rndc reload" after configuration is changed from regular zones to automatic empty zones. [RT #35177]
Thank You

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