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1 Adding a new Resource Record (RR) type to BIND 9

Overview: BIND 9 was designed to make it relatively easy to add user defined resource record (RR) types, though you do need some understanding of C. The descriptions of all the record types known to BIND 9 are in a directory structure under lib/dns/rdata…

2 Submitting Code for BIND 9

ISC welcomes community code submissions. This document is intended to help you, the code contributor, ensure that your submission is likely to make it into a released version of BIND 9. We do not blindly accept code submissions. We not only check each submission…

3 BIND 9 Code Style Guide

C Language An ANSI standard C compiler and library are assumed. Feel free to use any ANSI C 99 feature with the exceptions of the caveats below. Warnings Given a reasonable set of things to warn about (e.g. -W -Wall for gcc), the goal is to compile with no…