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1 Why isn't nsupdate working from my Windows machine?

Question: I'm trying to run nsupdate on my Windows machine using a text file as input - but it's not working. The same updates are working OK from a linux client. Answer: It's most likely that the send command in your text file isn't being recognised. Check…

2 Zone transfers from my BIND 9 master to my Windows 2000 slave fail. Why?

This may be caused by a bug in the Windows 2000 DNS server which caused DNS messages larger than 16KB to be handled incorrectly. This bug can be worked around by setting the option "transfer-format one-answer;" on the BIND 9 master server. Also check whether…

3 I get "Error 1067" when starting named under Windows.

This is the service manager saying that named exited. Examine the Application log in the EventViewer to find out why. Common causes are that you failed to create "named.conf" (usually "C:\windows\dns\etc\named.conf") or failed to specify the directory in…